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About us

Make your voice echo

At Ekhos, we tell stories with staying-power. Our carefully-crafted bespoke marketing narratives echo through the virtual world, amplifying your message to reach your audience and build lasting relationships with your supporters.

What we do

Everything we do—everything from setting up your content strategy start-to-finish, to writing up an Instagram caption, is based on our ability to understand what it is you really want to say, and to make that message shine through to your audience.

Don’t quite know what you want to say yet? No worries, we can figure that out together. We’ll help you find your brand a voice that harmonizes with your product, your philosophy, and the needs of your core audience. We know that every single part of your digital presence tells a story. Let’s make it one worth listening to.

We’re Nosy.

The most powerful tool we have is our curiosity about people: We want to really get to know your audience. We combine human-first principles and imaginative storytelling with sophisticated data-analytics to continually improve our understanding of your core audiences. Our curiosity drives us to stay in tune with the ever-changing interconnected worlds of digital marketing, social media, and brand management—-and because we stay nosy, we’re able to furnish you with the bleeding-edge strategies you need to stand out from the crowd.

No sugar-coating.

We respect you too much to be anything less than 100% honest 100% of the time. The collaborative ethos that characterizes our creative process means that we care about you and about our team too much to waste anyone’s time with half-truths or hollow platitudes. To us, mutual respect means mutual transparency—so let’s promise to always tell each other what’s really on our minds.

No shortcuts.

We can do quick, but we’ll never do quick-fixes. No amount of technical expertise can make up for incoherent and insincere messaging, and that’s why we combine our data-driven, evidence-based methodology with a human-centric approach. Our work is people-first because anyone with the budget for it can make themselves heard—we make people want to listen. Which is to say: We’re not trying to hack the attention economy, we’re trying to transcend it. We’ll earn your audience’s attention and keep it, because we tell stories that deserve to be retold.

Building better together.

Being self-made is pretty overrated—and it’s pretty lonely, too. That’s why, at Ekhos, collaboration is just as important as ambition and expertise. We work hard to make our agency an inclusive space, somewhere for creators to come together and build beautiful things as a collective. But that’s not to say we’re afraid of disagreement. Quite the opposite, in fact: We value lively debate and encourage diversity of thought, because we believe that friction isn’t just normal or inevitable—it’s an absolutely essential part of the creative process. Because our workplace culture is founded on the principles of equality, mutual respect, and genuine care, we’re able to harness the power of our differences and co-create work we can be proud of. At Ekhos, we know we’d be nothing without one another.

Head over to start collaborating.

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