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We’re always on the lookout for fresh perspectives, new ideas, and disruptive ways of doing things — which is why we always keep our eyes peeled for new talent. If you think you’d feel at home in our team, read on and get in touch to find out more about careers we offer.

About us

Ekhos is carried by a global team.

We leverage our diverse cultural backgrounds and skill sets to co-create strategies, content, websites, relationships, meaningful connections, and immaculate vibes. Since we’re fully remote, our people work from wherever they happen to find themselves at the time. Within this small but growing collective, we strive for a culture founded on mutual respect, genuine care, and sincere curiosity about the world.

Our Clients

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with brands from across the globe.

Our Vision

At Ekhos, we’re proud to call ourselves our clients’ digital voice. We want to keep empowering the brands we believe in—and telling their stories the way they deserve to be told.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a home for ourselves on the cutting edge of the marketing world, we’re intent on becoming strategic leaders in emergent technologies, and continuing to co-innovate unique user experiences that set our clients up for success.

Our Principles

Insatiable curiosity

We stay curious about people and what makes them tick, and we stay on top of the latest developments in the industry.

Conscious co-creation

We cultivate a spirit of collaboration by emphasizing mutual respect within our teams and our relationships with clients.

Radical honesty

We prioritize transparency in everything we do. We don’t sugar-coat, we don’t tell white lies, and we’ll never mislead you.

Real care

We truly care about our work, and we care about the people we work with and their career with us.

Current Career Opportunities

Junior Digital Marketing Manager

We are seeking an ambitious Junior Digital Marketing Manager to join our team in Cape Town. This individual will play a key role in helping our clients achieve their marketing goals by collaborating with them to co-create unique solutions that are cost-effective and time-sensitive.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the marketing manager and support implementation of digital marketing for clients
  • Collaborate with the team to co-create marketing services
  • Schedule social media, support content and editorial calendar design and posting of content across various digital platforms
  • Research and stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies
    Support clients with community building, engagement and support
  • Conduct hashtag, content and influencer research
  • Provide copywriting and content support to clients
  • Prepare meeting minutes and other administrative tasks
  • Prioritize and identify when assistance is needed and seek help from appropriate parties

Key Requirements

  • 1+ years experience in digital marketing or relevant field
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, business, journalism, communications or related fields
  • Fluency in English, strong written and verbal communication
  • Experience with digital marketing
    Social media, calendars and community management experience
  • Strong problem-solving and communication skills
  • Experience with marketing tools is beneficial
  • Copywriting and WordPress experience is a plus
  • Customer service experience
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and seek help when needed
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics beneficial

A Career with Ekhos
At Ekhos, we are committed to our mission of becoming strategic leaders in emergent digital media, technologies and co-innovating unique user experiences that set our clients up for success.. We provide a unique and dynamic hybrid work environment where you will be challenged to grow as a professional while being part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of digital marketing and co-innovating unique user experiences that set our clients up for success. Join us and be part of a team that is making a real difference in the industry.

If you are passionate about digital marketing and want to be part of a team that is making a difference in the industry, apply to join us today.

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