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Jul 10, 2023

Unspooling Threads/Threads Alert: A Fresh Spin from Instagram

Ida Bekker

Welcome, digital nomads, to the world of Threads. Instagram’s newborn has just taken its first digital breath and we’re already buzzing with excitement! Threads, a standalone application, is designed to let you share updates and dive into public chats like never before. So, charge your smartphones, and let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this latest digital prodigy.

Get Spooled: Threads Basics

Threads is the brainchild of the Instagram team, designed to turn your mundane text updates into a vibrant social experience. You can connect with a range of users and share not just text, but also images, links, and videos of up to 5 minutes. And the icing on the cake? It’s on its way to being compatible with other social networks, painting a bright and inclusive future for social media.

How to Get Thread-ing?

Getting on Threads is as easy as pie, or shall we say, as simple as posting an Insta-story! Login using your Instagram credentials, and voila, you’re in. The under 16 (or under 18 in some regions) users will automatically have private profiles, to ensure their safety. But worry not, all your favourite accessibility features from Instagram like screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions are available here as well.

Less Noise, More Conversations

While Threads may sound like a dinner party with all the guests from Instagram, we assure you it’s not. It’s a carefully curated buffet, where you get to pick and choose your guests. Control who can tag you or reply to your threads. The community guidelines remain as strict as on Instagram, keeping trolls and bullies at bay Thread also carries over Instagram’s filter features, letting you block certain words. Not feeling a profile? Just block, report or restrict them! Safety first, people!

Open Networks – The Game Changer

Threads has a clear vision for the future and that’s all about interoperability. In the coming times, Threads is planning to integrate with ActivityPub, the open social networking protocol. It’ll make Threads accessible to other apps supporting the ActivityPub protocol such as WordPress and Mastodon. This would mean no more gate-keeping and more meaningful connections. Plus, your public profile on Threads will be accessible from other apps, enhancing your reach with zero efforts.

Threading the Needle: Pinpointing Threads’ Future!

he Threads app has been rolled out in more than 100 countries and is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Not only that, but it sprinted out of the starting blocks like Usain Bolt, reaching a staggering one million users just 1.5 hours post-release. Now, that’s what we call social networking at light speed!

But hold on, the party doesn’t stop there. Threads also has a bunch of new and exciting features on the horizon. We’re talking improved recommendations in your feed and a beefed-up search function that will allow you to follow hot topics and trends in real time. 

There’s a lot to look forward to!

The Threads Party: Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Threads has not only caught the attention of the general public but has also enticed some big names in its direction. In the app’s first 24 hours, it boasted 30 million signups! Included in this star-studded lineup are the likes of Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashian clan, and NFL superstar Tom Brady.

To put this into perspective, Facebook took 852 days to reach 10 million users. Threads has made that accomplishment look like a leisurely stroll in the park, achieving the feat in a single day. Eat your heart out, Zuckerberg!

Of course, as is always the case with new tech, not everyone is on board the Threads express. Twitter CEO Elon Musk took a swing at the new platform, accusing it of borrowing a little too heavily from Twitter’s design, tweeting “Competition is fine, stealing is not”. 

Nonetheless, despite some digital side-eye and a few minor glitches, Threads is off to a prolific start.

Spool’s Out: Final Thoughts

Threads is here to disrupt the digital landscape. With its turbocharged launch and ambitious vision, Threads is set to give social networking a fresh new spin. It’s a fusion of Instagram’s friendly vibe with Twitter’s rapid-fire pace, all while embracing the future of open networking.
We’re just a thread away if you need us: @ekhosagency. Hit us up with your questions, comments or any meme-worthy content. After all, that’s what Threads is about, right? – forging connections, fostering engagement, and growing together. Let’s get thread-ing!

Author: Ida Bekker